Saturday, September 23, 2006


Game 4: ASU vs. Cal

After a two week break we are back and pleased to announce we are 3-0. However, the upcoming three games are going to be insanely tough (Cal, Oregon, and USC). Let me be the first to say I truly do not like the commentators that Fox Sports have put togerther today. They refered to us as 'A State', not cool.

Thursday, August 31, 2006


Game 1: ASU vs. NAU

Just mixed up a screwdriver, picked up my computer and begin to attempt a live-blog for the first game of the year. I promise nothing but drunken banter, misspelled words, announcer criticism and a plethora of cursing. Without further we go.

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Herbstreit Fails Drug Test*

Two days ago I was having a wonderful day. It just seemed like everything was falling into place. As I was putting an end to my day I thought I would catch a little SportsCenter, as usual. About 15 minutes into my SportsCenter watching, the College Gameday cast came on to discuss normal bullshit about Ohio State, Oklahoma, and the devil’s team Norte Dame. Then somehow out of nowhere they started discussing the Pac-10, “fucking shocked”. This is where my day went straight to hell (Thanks), Kirk Herbstreit said the most talented player in the Pac-10 is….wait for it….wait for it….none other than U of A quarterback Willie Tuitama. No, I am not making this shit up. Immediately, I checked to see if Herbstreit’s eyes were cashed from the fat bong rips he had to have been doing before this segment…They looked fine. I credit Visine with this great assist.

Did Herbtreit forget about the Nations Most Efficient Passer in Rudy Carpenter? Seriously,what the fuck? Before I go ballistic lets compare some statistics.

Rudy CarpenterWillie Tuitama
Passing Percentage68.4%57.7%
Total Yards22731105
Yards Per Game252.6221.0

Yup, what I thought? Carpenter has no talent.

Now, let me be the first to say that Carpenter played in a 9 games last year, five of which he started. Tuitama played in a total of 5 games last season, making Herbstreit’s ‘most talented player’ comment even more ignorant.

I now present the Top Ten More Talented Players than Willie Tuitama in the Pac-10 (in no order):

1. Dwayne Jarett – WR – USC
2. Rudy Carpenter – QB – ASU
3. Ben Olson – QB – UCLA
4. Hershel Dennis – RB – USC (Cheap shot)
5. Marshawn Lynch – RB – CAL
6. Jason Hill – WR – WSU
7. Jonathan Stewart – RB – WHOREgon
8. Zach Miller – TE – ASU
9. Keith Rivers – LB – USC
10. Isaiah Stanback – QB – UW (yeah, I am serious. Plus he has dreads)

* = Rather we have reason to believe so.

Monday, August 21, 2006


You Think Your School has a QB Controversy?

Well, we do not even know where to start on this one. Dirk stated that the quarterback who would come out with the first-team at the scrimmage on Friday would be the teams starting quarterback. Sam Keller ran out with the first-team and, presumably was the starter. Enter Lee Corso: not so fast my friends. Dirk Koetter has officially changed his quarterback selection from Sam Keller to Rudy Carpenter. Koetter officially dismissed Sam Keller from Sunday’s practice so he could weigh his options. The East Valley Tribune is reporting that two high level ASU officials have confirmed that Sam Keller will transfer elsewhere. At any level, his status is in question. He has not officially transferred but isn’t with the team. Any way you look at this, this is not good for Arizona State University Football. Koetter’s sudden change of mind could possibly damage his trust with his players.

Rumors are swirling all over the place. The damage has been done. There is something fishy here and nothing of this situation reeks of professionalism. Whether Keller or Carpenter threatened to transfer is immaterial. This is not good.

After the original decision to make Sam Keller the starting quarterback, rumors quickly started flying that Rudy Carpenter started weighing his options regarding his future at ASU. IF THE RUMORS ARE TRUE and Rudy Carpenter was thinking about transferring to another school, we feel Koetter changed his mind (assuming he knew Rudy was debating on leaving) on quarterback when he realized that the future of ASU football could would severely damaged after this season. Another likely scenario is the meeting with the players who subsequently voiced their loyalty to Rudy. Sam catches wind of this and decides he doesn’t deserve this treatment and transfers. Now, if Sam Keller leaves the No. 2 quarterback is a true freshman. This leaves very little room for error, and could potentially destroy ASU’s season if Carpenter gets injured.

We would like to think that Koetter knows what he is doing in this situation. Right now, we are going to give him the benefit of the doubt until all the information comes out.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Scrimmage Dos

The scrimmage on Friday confirmed what we already know: our offense will be close to unstoppable this year and our defense needs to improve. The past three years you could have written this same sentence at this exact point in time before the season. Sam Keller is your starting quarterback as he entered the scrimmage at the helm of the first-team. Sam and Rudy both played incredibly well. Sam would make a great play only to have Rudy respond and match it. Here are some random notes from the scrimmage.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


The Legacy Angle

About a week ago I got a hard-on when when the Sun Devils landed James Harden from Artesia, Ca. I called family and friends to let them know ASU should no longer be considered a Division II opponent who also happens to be a member of the Pac-10. Beating the likes of UW and UCLA for the services of a pure scorer tickled me like I was the Pillsbury dough boy. I thought finally, finally, we could build something that would last. Finally, we would become a contender and take a game or two from Northern Mexico University. Then, this happens. I'm sorry I must have wet my pants.

Sendek brings in Jamelle McMillan, son of former N.C. State and Seattle Sonics guard Nate McMillan, who currently coaches the JailBlazers. Jamelle mentioned the fact that he would have followed Sendek to N.C. State. Nate stayed close to the Wolfpack program and to Sendek. After Sendek left, McMillan opened his recruitment but ended up following Sendek to ASU. A telling quote from the article:

""I was actually going to follow (Sendek) to N.C. State and then he did the move in April," said Jamelle, who averaged 13.5 points and six assists as a junior. "It completely made my options wide open again. I didn't know anything about Arizona State at the time. He and his staff did a tremendous job with their recruiting. When they want something, they really go get it. They're honest, loyal guys. I can't ask for a better coaching staff to work with me with this process. It's a big deal."

One of the top players in the country at his position and son of a former NBA player is giving massive props to our coach. He is genuinely excited to be playing with aggressive active players next year (see harden, boateng). Three players are on board for the 2007 recruiting class, Sendek's first. One more player is on the radar: Clint Chapman. Another big body at 6'9" from the green state of Oregon. I have heard that he had connections to UCLA, who recently dropped his recruitment. I would gladly schedule him up and let him know who he could be teamming up with in the years to come.

This isn't supposed to happen. Not to the program that went through the point-shaving scandal with "headache." Somebody pinch me.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


Camp T - Scrimmage Uno

Do you want the good news, or the bad news? Let's start with the bad news. Martin Tevaseu is most likely out for the year and will have to redshirt. I was hoping he would be the run-stopper we have been looking for, but it looks like we will have to wait until next year. At least Martin can redshirt this year and have three years to contribute to the d-line. An added surprise is the play of DT David Smith. Smith has put on some weight and is up to about 280 and continues to push for more playing time. As any follower of Sun Devil football over the past few years would admit, any healthy active body is welcomed on the defensive line. But back to the scrimmage.

Overall, we should all be optimistic about this season as we stand right now. The defense is ahead of the offense, which is always good. Hopefully the team continues to progress through the end of camp.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


A New Era Begins........

As I sit and watch Nelson Cuevas score the second goal for Club America against Barcelona in a sport where the use of hands is not allowed, I post about the commitment of James Harden to Arizona State. Although the commitment is non-binding and unofficial until signing day, the significance of the event is evident. Herb Sendek, in the span of a few months, has fans thinking the impossible: that Arizona State basketball cannont only be competitive, but a major player on the national scene.

I remember hearing Seth Davis announce the decision of ASU to hire Sendek from North Carolina State. No fan of ASU even had a sneaking suspicion that Sendek could be the next coach. Thoughts of Rick Majerus (I think fat bastard has a better working heart), Bob Huggins (is it safe to say Tarkanian would be a better hire?) and Jaime Dixon (nothing bad to say, smart man used leverage to his advantage) floated the internet to no avail. However, what eventually happened was the steal of the century.

After five straight appearances in the NCAA tournament in arguably the best basketball league in the country (even without the Dick Vitale Homerism) Sendek was destined to rescue ASU from basketball mediocirty. All he has done since his hiring is.......

Bottom line: our talent is immensely better than it was a year ago. Herb doesn't recruit JC players either, which is good and bad. But, if you do your job and recruit out of high school you won't need JC players. There are plenty of reasons to be optimistic as an ASU basketball fan. With a successful resume in the ultra-competitive ACC and a heroin injection of new talent, a new era in ASU basketball has begun.

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Time to Burn in Hell

The We Bleed Maroon and Gold blog is dedicated to the Sun Devils of Arizona State University. We will bring you everything that is Sun Devil athletics and anything we can find that hates on the University of Northern Mexico.

We are two former ASU Alumni that will provide comments, criticisms, and bring the funny when discussing ASU Athletics. We promise not to be complete homers, but we can guarantee one thing - we will never have anything positive to say about U of A.

Occasionally, we will touch on topics that are not dedicated to ASU because either they piss us off or they are too damn funny to not talk about. Also, let us right now declare our hate for the Miami Hurricanes and Notre Dame (Our World as we know it might end if Brady Quinn wins the fucking Heisman).

Right now, we are just fucking pumped to get the college football season underway.

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